Sunday, August 21, 2011

And the Sun comes Out

Finally the second week we were in Seattle the sun came out and we got a decent week. It is no where as hot as Phoenix or even Albuquerque but still warm enough to spend the day in the pool or go outside for awhile. A few years ago my mom bought a blow up pool in the shape of a frog that squirts water out the top. They thought this was awesome. Lizzy actually dove in the pool before there was water in it. We played in it several days in a row while my mom was recovering the hospital from her surgery. My cousin brought her son Ryder over to visit as well. He is 9 months old and so cute. Spiting image of my cousin.

We also took a trip to Pike Place Market. My favorite place to go in Seattle. There is just something about the smells of the market. The fish, the salt water, the flowers, and the food. We made a couple of purchases in the market including fresh doughnuts, smoked salmon, and a bunch of flowers in pinks and white for my mom (breast cancer colors). Then we headed down to the waterfront for some sight seeing and to chase the pigeons. I love the bustle and hustle of Seattle but I have to admit I am a bit out of practice in the driving area. All those hills and stop lights. I guess I have been living in suburbia for too long.

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