Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Week-#4

Our last week of our month long vacation we said goodbye to daddy and headed to Arizona for a week of fun in the sun. We drove from California to AZ and I have to say the kids are getting good about driving long distance in the car. I didn't hear a peep out of either of them. Once we got to Arizona I realized a great reason for us moving. It is so freaking hot there. I blame it on the cooler weather on the beach. But also I think that when you live in Arizona you have time to acclimate yourself with the heat rather than being thrown right into it. Seriously we got out of the car and it felt like a hair drying blowing us in the face.

That night Brandon and I got some alone time and headed off to see the final Harry Potter movie while the Aunts babysat for us. It was nice to spend some time alone with my hubby. BTW the movie was okay. Too short but summed up the story nicely.

Then Brandon had to go home on Sunday while we spent a week hanging by the pool and meeting up with old friends. We went to the mall splash pad with Gabby and Heather. Gabriella never likes splash pads but I think Liz and Jack were having so much fun she decided to give it a try...and she LOVED it.

We also met up with a bunch of friends from our old mother's group and went bowling. Jackson was awesome. He rolled the heavy ball and had pretty good form for a 3 year old. Lizzy just liked dancing around and watching. It was so nice to see all our friends. I miss them so much. I never had girl friends in high school or even many in college but these women are so amazing and I love every one of them. It felt like home.

We spent most of our days swimming in the pool and hanging out with the family. Jackson went down the slide all by himself. So brave! All Brandon's sisters were still in AZ so it was fun shopping, chatting, and doing girl stuff with all of them. Sometimes I forget that they are my SIL, because I feel so close to them. All I can say is Cameron better marry somebody amazing if she wants to get into the Stoker Club (lol). (Sporting their Napoleon Dynamite shirts from the dollar store)

By Sunday we were sad to go but it was time to head back to our new rental house (we only lived there for 5 days before we left on vacation). The trip was stressful but wonderful. Seeing all the people we love and are so far away from, it is just nice to be with family.

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Brianna said...

Glad you are back and settled but it was fun to have you here. It has been so lonely now that everyone is gone.