Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Wedding

I know all of you are dying to hear about our month long vacation of the West Coast. Okay maybe not dying but lets face it these days any good news is fun to read about. So here is part 1 of 4.

We started our trip in Seattle for two weeks to visit my mom and the rest of our family. It is so expensive to visit Seattle these days so we can only afford to go once a year. And now that my mom has cancer and will be undergoing chemo soon it was time for us to pack up our little ones and head to the great northwest. Unfortunately Brandon had to stay home to work so it was just me and the two kids. The flight went well, 3 hours is not too bad when you have a lap top playing movies and lots of snacks. They didn't sleep at all but were fairly good passengers.

Instantly I remembered why I moved from Seattle. In my mind it is beautiful, green, smells great, lots of fresh fish, and beautiful mountain tops. But there is a reason it looks like that all the time RAIN. One day is not so bad but the rain went on for four days straight and I thought maybe it would never let up. The kids loved it but I was no so pleased. It was nice to get out of the hot weather for awhile.

We actually only spent 1 day in Washington before loading up the car and driving down to Oregon for a wedding. My best friend from high school! Beautiful Brook. My mom drove with me which was nice to spend some alone time with her. Brook got married in an amazing vineyard and her wedding was somewhat a cross between Vegas glamor and a fairy tail. We walked down to the vineyard on a red carpet and took pictures in front of a Brook and Evan backdrop complete with empty frames. Then we sat down to see the bridesmaids and groomsmen dance down a winding path to the arch as Brook drove up with her father in a blue vintage car. The ceremony was magical. Funny, loving, and so moving as her grandfather presided. Then there was dancing, yummy food, and bon bon girls passing out chocolates. Going out with style she left in a helicopter whisked away with her lovely new husband.

It was so wonderful to see Brook and the man who won her heart. She will always hold a special place in my heart. We actually only went to school together for 1 year before she moved back to Oregon but we stayed in touch and out lives always seemed to intertwine miles apart. She left in a helicopter whisked away with her lovely husband. Our lives may change but our bond does not and I know it will stay that way for our entire lives.

The kids had a great time running around the grass and Jackson made a great friend, Olivia. She kept calling him "my boy" and they played, held hands, and gave each other hugs. I think the romance bug even hit my three year old. When we left he gave her a big hug and said, "thanks for having fun with me." It was so cute.

Jackson hanging out by the fountain with Oliva

Cleaning up the feathers that the flower girls dropped.

Liz being her cute self.


The beautiful bride.

The wedding party. Love this picture.

Bon Bon girls.

Leaving in their helicopter.

Wow look at that dress. She designed it herself. AMAZING!

It only lasted 2 days but it was well worth the trip. I am so happy she found someone who can love her for the amazing, ambitious, quirky person she is. Thanks for sharing your special day with us Brook.

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