Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Big Scare

On the last Sunday we were in Seattle were hanging out on the deck at my uncle's house enjoying an amazing blue sky. It is not often this happens. My aunt, 2 uncles, Jackson, Elizabeth, and myself were out there together when I look over in the corner. It was a blur but in about 2 second Liz leaned against one of the beams on the deck and it gave way. She did a kind of 180 spin and fell 12 ft onto the concrete below. I was in shock, frozen. It felt like everything was in slow motion. I ran down along with everyone else to find her sitting on the ground crying a little but pretty calm. She looked at me and said, "Mommy I fell down, I fell down off the deck," and then tried to stand up.

I know from my health background that I should leave her there and not move her but she was trying to stand on her own so I scooped her up and laid her on the floor in my uncle's house. Again so brave she barely even cried. In retrospect I think she was more scared about everyone crowding around her than she was hurt. I on the other hand was freaking out in my mind searching her body for any evident injuries. Other than a few scraps I noticed her tummy was firm and rigid. Instantly this sends worst case scenarios through my head. From internal bleeding to a nail puncture to bruised organs. The paramedics arrive and put her in a c collar and strap her down to the spinal board. They cut off her clothing and show a few large cuts down her left side and some small ones on her tummy. We have to whisk her off to the hospital. At this time Jackson is crying hysterically because he knows she is hurt. Elizabeth is screaming at the top of her lungs because she is tied down and doesn't recognize anyone around her. I have to leave Jackson behind with my aunt (who he doesn't know) and ride with Liz in the ambulance. Hardest thing of my life leaving him behind when he is so worried and scared.

Lizzy is still crying so I start singing to her. This is the only thing that calms her down. In the hospital they do a full workup: CT, x-rays, and extremity checks by about 5 doctors and 3 nurses. All I can do is continue to sing to her and try to let her know I am there. Try to stay strong. Try to say a little pray in my mind for her safety and health. My mom finally arrives (she was visiting Derek's family about 40 min from our house) and I can't take it anymore. I break down sobbing worried about my little girl. Derek is so wonderful and knows exactly how he can help. He goes to check on Jackson and takes him to the cafeteria to get some food. This calms me a bit knowing that Jack is safe and with someone he knows. My mom just supports me. No tears, strong as always. My mom has something in her that turns on when people need her. She doesn't panic, she doesn't cry, she just stays strong and positive.

Finally after about 4 hours the doctors decide that there is no internal bleeding just a bruise on her liver but they are a little concerned about her spinal x-rays and want her to stay in the hospital overnight so the pediatric radiologist can look at them. In the meantime she has to keep the c collar on. She is still so brave. I was so proud. She did everything the doctors told her to do. She looked at them when they tried to check her eyes, opened her mouth when they asked her to say ahh, and stayed still even when they were poking and pricking her. We finally got up to our room where she slept in a crib that had collapsible rails and plastic that rolled down from the ceiling. Whenever I left the room or had to sleep it looked like she was in some kind of baby cage. SHE LOVED IT! She thought it was so fun hanging out in her own space, coloring books, playing with play-dough, and watching Thomas movies. They even gave her a small pink teddy bear that she instantly fell in love with.

It was a long night. We watched Thomas 3 times and finally by the morning I could tell she was feeling much better because she was eager to walk around. There she was walking around the hospital floor in her c collar and diaper. So cute I must add. If I wasn't so worried still I would have taken a picture. The nurses told her she had to go back to bed in this cute way, "Lizzy you are suppose to be in your bed" with a little smirk. Everyone fell in love with her because of her smile and her cooperation. She was a champ. We finally got released from the hospital and by the time we walked out of the hospital doors she was back to her old crazy, smiling, fun loving self. All that she had was a few scratches. She did act very clingy to me over the next week or so but I kind of enjoyed that because she is usually so independent.

Biggest scare of my life and thankfully the Lord was watching over her. It was a miracle.

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Mark said...

Jess and Brandon,

I am so glad that Lizzy is okay. I hope that you guys are doing well. Happy Birthday Brandon! I miss you guys.

If you are ever in Northern California, let me know and you guys have a place to stay.