Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Last Weekend in Seattle

Our last weekend in Seattle was really special because we got to attend my cousin Mark's wedding. He is such a wonderful guy and his wife has been with him since they were in high school. It truly is a match made in heaven. The setting was gorgeous. In North Seattle at a house on the water. They house was not so much a house but more a mansion with these amazing winding gardens and an amazing view. Mark and Morgan were married outside, I seriously can't think of a more magnificant backdrop for them to say their vows. Most of my family was there so that was really nice too. They had all kinds of fun activities but super laid back. Croquet, bouchie ball, and even crackers with bubbles for the guests. You can tell the kids had a blast. Plus they served Thia food because that is the location of their honeymoon. It was so YUMMY. Just a great celebration of love. Plus the photographers fell in love with Elizabeth and Jackson so I am expecting a lot of great professional shots of the kids and me.

Jackson and I in the secret garden.

Lovely sisters.

Concentrating just like daddy.

My little beauty.

Uncle Adam giving instructions to Jack, lol.
Looks a little guilty doesn't he?

The dogs were definitely a highlight.

Erica and her handsome son, Ryder.

Oh Seattle how I love you. Best part right here:

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elizajoy said...

I just went to leave a comment on Courtney's blog and saw the link to yours!! So glad I stumbled upon it. You are DARLING and your kids are beautiful. Tell Brandon and Sara I say hi!