Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Science Center

Once we got back we had some fun at Grandma's house. Indulging in activities only Grandmas allow. We bought ice cream from the ice cream truck. The kids thought this was AMAZING. Fun ice creams delivered right to your door.

They took a bath in Grandma's gigantic jet tub, and Grandpa did not think this was so cool since there were bubbles and water everywhere.

And making play dough cookies at the counter with Grandma.

The one thing we did the first week was go to the Science Center. I haven't been there in ages and forgot how much fun it is there. They have a new human anatomy section which was a little to old for the kiddos but I enjoyed it. There is a huge toddler area with slides, pots/pan/pipes for making music, and building blocks. We spent about an hour in this section alone. Then we went and saw all the reptiles and even got to see a boa eat a mouse (Yuck but super fascinating). Elizabeth's favorite section was the dinosaurs that move and growl and Jackson loved the space section even taking a turn in a space ship launch. We finished up with a trip to the butterfly room and a few rides on giant insects (none of which were real, except the butterflies). It was a great day not only to see how excited the kids were in discovering everything but I got to spend it with my mom and my sister whom I love.

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