Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bringing home baby

I know some of you are wondering how I am going to decorate the new baby's room. After a lot of research I have decided that I am going to make my own bedding for the baby's room. I am an amateur sewer (and when I say amateur that means I have made skirts and Jackson's Halloween costume last year) so with the help from Brandon's mom I am going to attempt to make a window valance, crib skirt, bumper, and light blanket. I might also make some fabric wall hangings to go with the theme of the room (if I get that far).

So what theme did I decide to go through my endevor with you ask? DAISIES! They are a very friendly flower and although they might not smell the best I love the light girliness feeling that comes when I look at them. Here is a picture of a similar design that I have chosen.

The complimentary colors will be yellow and green. I know that blue, white, yellow, and green may not seem very girly but I think the flowers are girly enough. So if anyone sees a cool picture or something else that might go good in the nursery with this theme let me know. Happy projects everyone!


Miss M! said...

I love daisies - they're my favorite flower. I carried them in my wedding. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

melissa said...

Cute....very girly!!!

JILLC said...

I love it Jess! My sister and I are going to make something beautiful for the wall of the nursery that will match your theme, so be sure to post photos as you make your first piece. How fun!

Jessie Spalding said...

wow, i am so impressed! when pants need to be hemmed in our house i have 3 options: 1. duct tape, 2. take them to the alterations shop, 3. staple gun. sadly, i am totally not kidding.