Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello everyone!

I just thought I would post a couple of funny pictures of Jackson enjoying time at Grandma's house. Jack is 14 months now and looking and acting more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. He is so funny. He loves this giant stuffed octopus that Aunt Miss has. I tell him to go tackle it and he runs over and body slams it. Then he plays peek-a-boo underneath it and puts the blanket over the top of it to have it hide. What a silly kid!
(calling Grandma Miller. . .we miss you)
He also loves the puppies. Twix is really warming up to him, I think it is mostly because Jackson shares his food with him and gives him hugs. They are good buddies. Snickers. . .not so much into Jack but he's not really into anyone.
I am amazed by how smart he is getting. I love how I can tell him to do something and he does it. He helps me so much. Like filling up the water bottles, he puts the caps on and then helps me carry them to put them in the fridge so they are cold. Also, we are working on learning the names of things like the fan or the table or animals in his books. He is getting really good and pointing them out when I ask him where something is. Except the other day I was asking where the Toads were in his book and he kept moving the book up. I was like "Jackson where are the toads?" and he kept leaning forward. It was then that I realized he was pointing to his toes, lol. He can point to his toes, knees, and belly button. He also knows where the baby is and he points to my tummy and gives it kisses. I am so lucky to have such a good kid.

This is a swing in Cameron's room and Jackson will sit in it spinning around and holding that pink pig for an hour. He loves hanging out with Missy and Cam. He has so many friends at Grandma's house.


Amanda said...

He is getting so big! Jackson is adorable!!!!

Miss M! said...

I love the bit about the toads! He's so smart!

JILLC said...

OMG I LOVE The Toad/Toes part!!! And I love the part about Snickers not really liking anyone! LOL

Brooke W said...

Eli wants a dog so bad. Seeing Jackson with twix makes me want to get him one!