Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Swim Lessons

Recently the Stokers put a pool net over their pool. What exactly is a pool net you ask? It is a Spiderman style net that stretches over the top of the pool and hooks into tiny anchors all around the deck of the pool. Definitely a great safety arrangement but it has some downfalls. It is easy to get on and off if you have 3 people doing it with you. It is almost impossible to put on all by yourself. Hence we have not been going into the pool much this past week. However the pool was getting pretty grimmey from not scrubbing it down (plus the vacuum wasn't working) so it was time to take off the net and get a little wet. We decided to try out the new swim suit Grandma bought Jackson. I think it is from her generation because she kept raving and raving about the floaty swim suit. The problem is Jack is still a little bit young for it and he falls over a lot when he is wearing it. But as love as someone is holding onto him he loves it. Today he was laughing and splashing. . .having the time of his life with dad in the pool. We captured it on video but for some reason when we were uploading the video something went wrong and we erased it from the card before we realized there was a problem. I guess that is the problem with technology but where would we be without it? I did however snatch some pictures.


The Coger Family said...

Awww so cute!!! We have a floatie swim suit too and have had the same problem of tipping over. I have heard that the vests work much better.

JILLC said...

My niece used that life vest/swim suit in the past, but they do have to be a bit older to use it. Hope he loves the water! =)