Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Time

I have to admit, I may look like motherhood is easy but I have had a ton of help. Motherhood is not easy. . .and thankfully my family and friends are there to support me. When Jackson was born my mother came out to help for 2 weeks. She was such a life saver since I had to have a c-section. She cleaned my house, cooked us meals, and pretty much took care of the day to day stuff so that I could spend time with my new baby. She even got up with him a few times at night so I could get some sleep. (What a great mom, huh!)

Then for the first few months Brandon was working insane hours at his job. Waking up at 2:00am and not getting home until 5 or 6pm everyday. Needless to say those times were hard, too hard. So Brandon decided to quit his job and try to study for graduate school to further his career. Well right after he quit the market plummeted and it was hard for him to find a new job. Nearly 8 months have gone by since he stopped working. It has been hard, really hard money wise but at the same time it has been such a blessing because we get to spend so much time together. He has had the opportunity over the last 8 months to form a really strong bond with Jackson and I know that had he continued working for that company he wouldn't have had the chance to build that bond.

Well, now Brandon is going back to work. This is a good thing because we have no money and no maternity insurance, but I know a part of me is really going to miss having my best friend to hang out with whenever I want. Thankfully I have formed some really great friendships here in Arizona. The moms I have met are amazing. They kind of remind me of stepford wives. Always looking put together, their children in right place at the right time, beautiful houses, and welcoming arms. I am so lucky to have such a great support system at home and around Arizona. I would probably go crazy without them.


JILLC said...

wait a minute. I thought you were the Stepford Wife? if you're not, who is??

The Parke Family said...

Trust me, I know how hard, yet great it is to have the hubby around all the time (and not working!)

Tim has been working from home (sort of since the Real Estate market also crashed) for the past year so it's been a real blessing on some level because he is getting all this time with the boys. But it would sure be nice to have some steady income that a job outside of the house provides! He's not really having much luck either in that department (which is why I had to start working again )

But I know you'll do great! You are an amazing mom!!!! Congrats on the new job for Brandon!!!

Kimberlyn said...

Love the post! Did you get my message today? Call me!!!

Jessie Spalding said...

that's so awesome your hubby got to forge such a close bond with jackson!