Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Passing of an Icon

So I feel like I need to share a sentimental moment for the King of Pop. I was very sad to hear that Michael Jackson passed away today. Although he was overly eccentric and not the best dad to say the least he is still an 80's and 90's icon and will be missed. I have many memories from my childhood listening to Michael Jackson's work. Here are a few things that I will remember from my past that are related to Michael.

1. When I was little I was very involved in dance from the ages of 2-12. I can remember warming up to the Jackson 5's ABC, 123 many times.
2. One of my first memories is of a birthday party for my uncle Jim. His wife hired a Michael Jackson impersonator. The impersonator looked and sounded just like Jackson and I loved his performance. I thought it was the real Michael.
3. When I was in 2nd grade my dad threw a huge Halloween party for the neighborhood and Thriller was the underlying theme.
4. My sister and I used to roller skate around our basement making up routines to Michael Jackson and Madonna.
5. Going to Disneyland and watching the Thriller movie in the 3D room of Tomorrow Land.
6. Watching his music videos and dancing to them in my living room.
7. When David Cook performed Billy Jean on American Idol. . .best performance!

I will miss the King of Pop and it is a sad day that he is gone. Thanks for the memories Michael.

**Also sorry to hear Farrah Faucet died as well. She is the only women that could pull off a red one piece and sell millions of posters.


The Parke Family said...

I totally agree Jess. Even if you don't respect the man, he was still an amazing artist that totally changed music as we know it today.

JILLC said...

Jess there seems to be a glitch on shabby blogs when trying to access their headers. Would you like me to tell you how to do it to get the header full size like on my test blog here: ???

Took me forever to figure it out.